Consultation fees

The cost of office consultation is advised in writing at the time of booking.

Surgery fees for privately insured patients in private hospitals

Should you require surgery, you will be advised of the Surgeon’s fee in writing. We will provide a comprehensive cost estimate to the best of our ability – surgery itself is stressful enough without having to worry about unknown or unexpected costs!

Surgery fees for privately insured patients in public hospitals

Private patients admitted to public hospitals are covered under the Gapcover No-Gap scheme.  This means that patients admitted to Royal North Shore Hospital, Children’s Hospital Westmead or Westmead Hospital as private patients will incur no out-of-pocket expense relating to the services of our surgeons.

More information?

If you have questions, concerns or complaints regarding fees, call (02) 9057 2450 and ask for the Accounts Manager or email accounts@harbourspine.com.au.